How to stay online on Slack?

It is unfortunately very important for some users to keep their Slack Status active mainly when lots and lots of people started operating from their homes.

For those who don’t know, Slack is a messaging service that many businesses (as well as friend groups) use to connect online. Within the service, a small telltale bubble is located next to your online handle. Slack will either show a green bubble for active or an empty bubble for away depending on whether or not you are currently using the service. However, Slack can be a significant distraction for users who use it frequently. Additionally, Slack’s propensity to immediately update your status to reflect that you are idle can become a serious issue if your manager is watching you closely.

Slack Availability

To let your coworkers know what you’re up to during the day, you can update your Slack status. It can let your teammates know if you’re on a conference call, at a meeting, accessible for chat, or on vacation. Even adding a joke to your Slack status is possible. Your Slack availability or presence, on the other hand, is a much more rigorous concept. Next to your name, there is a dot that indicates your Slack availability. The dot will appear green while you are active. The dot changes into an empty ring when you aren’t moving.

Set your Slack Status on the Computer

Your status emoji will show up next to your name when you set a status in Slack. Anywhere that they can see your complete or display name, other members can see your status emoji. They can also see your complete status by hovering over your status emoji on your desktop or by visiting your profile. A speech bubble will appear by default if you don’t choose a status emoji.

Follow the steps to show the status of Online on your Slack Account when you are not.

  • Click on your Profile Picture from the top right of your desktop.
  • Select the “Update your Status” field.
  • Choose an emoji for your status and enter it, or go with one of the suggested options.
  • To select the time that your status will be cleared, click Clear after. If you’d prefer to stop receiving notifications until your status changes, check the box next to Pause notifications.
  • Save your Status.

Edit/Clear your status on the Computer

Follow the two-step procedure to edit or clear your status on the computer

  • Click on your profile photo in the top right corner of your desktop.
  • To change your current state, click on it. To delete it, click on Clear status.

How to keep Slack Permanently Active?

If you are inactive for ten minutes, Slack in your browser will mark you as away. This seems incredibly unfair because you could very well be working on other projects outside of the browser. Even if you’re still working on a spreadsheet or document, programming, or video editing, if you’re doing it outside of the browser, Slack won’t support it. You must maintain the browser tab open and your computer turned on in order to keep Slack active in your browser. That can be accomplished by simply moving your mouse, and many inventive, though perhaps unethical, concepts for straightforward devices that can move your mouse at predetermined intervals have been developed.

How to Keep Slack Online while using an Android?

You are only displayed as Active while the Slack app is active when using the Slack app on your phone. You could keep the app open, make sure your phone is always charged by plugging it in and appear active on Slack.

Use your mobile device in conjunction with your PC as an alternative to maintaining your Slack status. You can launch the Slack app on your desktop or go to the website if you have an optical mouse. After that, you place the optical mouse on your phone’s screen while it is playing a looped video. The video will maintain your Slack status as active and deceive the mouse into believing it is moving.


An increasing number of Slack users are now struggling with the same issue as more and more individuals are forced to spend the foreseeable future working from home: how to appear as “active” when they’re actually not. To not let your co-workers about your status, you can follow the above guidelines and do your other work while staying online. 

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