How to Hit Enter in Slack Without Sending it?

The chat room-style program Slack was created particularly for corporations. It’s designed to serve as a centralized communications hub for the entire business where different teams and projects can have their own channels for communication.

Comparing this architecture to managing numerous services for numerous teams around the company, makes the management of communication systems simpler. Here’s how you can set your to enter key preferences.

It can be simple to occasionally press enter too quickly while typing a message and send it accidentally; pretty much everyone has done it at some point. This could make you feel a little awkward or irritated. Either send the message again or rapidly copy and erase it after finishing it.

Alternatively, you must rapidly type the remaining portion of the message and submit it as though you had intended to send a portion of it earlier. If you intended to add a new line to the message you were typing, this is very likely to occur.

To help prevent this issue, Slack allows you to change how the enter key work. Instead of sending the message, you can change the enter key preferences in slack to start a new line. In this configuration, to send a message, you either need to click the “Send Message” button or press Ctrl + Enter.

How to enter the next line without sending it

To enter the next line without sending the messages, follow the step-by-step process to make it happen:

  • You must access your options to alter the enter keys to make it more difficult to send messages by accident. To do this, click “Preferences” after clicking on your profile image in the top-right corner.
How to Enter Slack without sending it?
  • Once in your preferences, switch to the “Advanced” tab. Next, in the second section of the page, “When writing a message, press Enter to,” select the radio button labeled “Start a new line (use Ctrl + Enter to send).”
how to change enter key preferences

When typing a message, it might be simple to inadvertently hit the enter key, delivering the message before it is ready. You can avoid this from happening again by changing the enter key preferences in Slack by following the article.

How to enter the next line without sending it to the computer

Points to remember:

  • Add line breaks to help organize and make it simpler to understand your multi-topic communication.
  • By hitting “Shift + Enter/Return” to insert a line break, you can simply send many lines in a message.
  • The website, the PC or Mac program, or both can be used to accomplish this.

Here is the step-by-step procedure to know how to enter the next line without sending it to the computer:

  • On your Mac or PC, launch Slack. If you have the Slack desktop application, you may access it from the Windows menu or the Applications folder on a Mac. By logging into your team via, you can utilize the online version as well.
  • Click the channel or direct message.
  • Click the chat and press Shift+Enter on a PC or Shift+Return on a Mac (macOS). The cursor will advance to the following line as a result of this adding a line break to start typing.
  • Repeat the process if you want one more line.

You can also modify your key settings so that Ctrl/Cmd + Enter delivers the message instead of entering adding a new line. To change your preference for “When writing a message, press Enter,” click your profile picture, go to Preferences > Advanced, and then select your preference.


As we have seen, It is simpler to enter several code lines without transmitting the message by setting the enter key and other alternatives to begin a new line in a code block. You can arrange code blocks to be safer to use by following the above article thoroughly. 

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