How to Find Slack Channels & Join them?

Slack communities and channels are the same things. In a nutshell, they’re closed groups that you may join with other people who share your interests to talk about subjects that are important to you.
This platform enables immediate communication and collaboration in a straightforward manner. Diverse populations are engaged and willing to share at any given time. Additionally, you may avoid the spammy stuff that comes along with social media discussion. You may connect with people who can advance your career, hone your talents, or teach you new ideas in a matter of seconds.

Slack is the place to go if you’re wanting to join or create an online community. This platform enables immediate communication and collaboration in a straightforward manner.

Step by step guide to Find slack channels & Join?

In their workspace, all users (but not visitors) are free to browse and join public channels. You must be added to a private channel by another channel member.

This is how you can join a channel on the computer:

  • Click on   All channels at the top of your left sidebar. If you don’t see this option, click  More to find it.
  • Browse the list of public channels in your workspace, or use the search bar to search by channel name or description.
  • Select a channel from the list to view it.
  • Click on Join channel

Step-by-Step process to join a channel on android:

  • At the bottom of your screen, select Search.
  • Click Channels to view.
  • Choose a channel from the list or do a search for one.
  • Click Join channel.

What are the alternate ways to find channels to join

  • Go to r/slackhangouts on Reddit
    • Reddit, the most popular social news aggregator, lets users comment on topics involving any subject imaginable. Additionally, it’s the best approach to zero in on the Slack groups that you’re interested in.
  • Examine personal to-do lists
    • Web users can write about the topics that are important to them on the online publishing platform known as Medium. On the website, there are a lot of articles devoted to assisting users in discovering new Slack communities.
  • Consult Meetup and niche websites
    • When you network on a specialized website for your industry, you may bypass the vast ocean of potential connections and go right to the source. You can narrowly focus your efforts by using a variety of resources, such as online forums and digital Meetup groups.
  • Participate in industry conferences.
    • Professionals now update their business cards to incorporate information beyond just their primary contact information. Finding out someone’s Instagram username and Facebook page name is rather frequent.
    • Additionally, an increasing number of users are labeling their cards with the names of their Slack channels. One of the best techniques to get as many as you can? Attend a trade event in your industry to build your network.
  • Lookup on Standuply
    • The preferred Slack standup bot and appointed Scrum Master is Standuply. Additionally, it’s the best spot to look for Slack chat groups and communities, with categories ranging from Hardware Talks to IT Talks.


Every day, millions of individuals use Slack channels for business. Finding the correct channel becomes more difficult as your organization’s number of channels increases to hundreds or even thousands. Despite the fact that distinct naming conventions aid in channel organization, it might be challenging to find pertinent public channels that you are not already a part of, particularly if you don’t know the specific name of the channel. To solve this particular problem, we discuss the easiest way possible to find a Slack channel in the above article. 

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