How to a Find Slack Channel Id?

Slack makes work simple and enjoyable. To begin working with your team on Slack, you only need to register an account and locate them. You are prepared to submit projects, share ideas, and talk with your coworkers after creating your profile. Because of everything mentioned, working remotely is a very social experience.

Each channel in Slack has a distinct Channel ID, and every team has a distinct Team ID. You must use the channel’s ID number rather than its name when using the Slack API to reference or link to it. Thankfully, finding a channel ID on Slack is simple, whether you only require a small number of channel IDs or a comprehensive list of all channel IDs for your workplace or enterprise. When you need to refer to a workspace, finding the team ID is likewise really simple.

Step by Step Find a Slack Channel Id

When you start Slack in any browser, you can first locate your Team ID in the browser URL route.

  • Log into your Slack account using any web browser.
  • Next, visit the home page for your workspace and look up the URL in the search box at the top.
  • The URL appears as follows:… The digits listed below are your team ID.
how to find a slack channel id

Find Your Channel ID in Slack

Next, your Channel ID can be found in the same browser URL path as the Team ID.

  • Log into your Slack account using any web browser.
  • Go to the home page of your workspace now and type the URL into the search box at the top.
  • The URL has letters and a C at the end. Your Slack Channel ID is represented by this segment of the path.
how to find a slack channel id

Find your Team ID on Slack

Each Slack team must have a name for their workspace as well as an individual ID. Finding your team’s ID used to be a difficult procedure. However, the solution is now concealed in plain sight.

Do the following to locate your team’s ID:

  • Log into your Slack account after opening a web browser.
  • Look at the URL in the search bar at the top of your main workspace page after logging in.
  • The website is located at:… Your team ID is represented by the following numbers.

Before, finding this information required using tokens, seeing a page source, or using development tools. But Slack has significantly simplified this process since July of last year.


Remember that the URL appears on the left, directly beneath the name of the organization, once you join a Slack workplace. Both from your mobile device and the desktop version of Slack, you may check the URL. You can always make changes once you’ve discovered it. Renaming Workspaces and URLs is only one of the many customization possibilities that Slack offers admins and owners. And you can do that procedure as often as you like.

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