How to Download Slack Conversations?

Slack is one of the enterprise tools for office communication that is expanding the fastest. Because so many businesses rely on Slack, it is the duty of an IT administrator to safeguard Slack data by routinely backing it up.

On a company’s Slack channels, a lot is exchanged, and many of the conversations are worthwhile sharing. Exporting data from Slack is the best approach to make sure it isn’t lost, whether you want to keep a conversation alive to keep those brilliant ideas alive, to have links close at hand, or to utilize at a disciplinary meeting with the HR department.

Owners and administrators can export data from their workspace or Enterprise Grid organisation using Slack data exports. Workspace and org owners on Slack’s Business+ and Enterprise Grid subscriptions have a few extra options in addition to exporting data from public channels. Below are the steps to help you:

How to Download Slack Conversation: Step by Step Process.

  • Business+ membership
    • Workspace owners can apply for access to a self-service tool that enables them to legally and as needed export data from all channels and chats in their workspace. Content from direct messages, private channels, and public channels is included in this form of export.)
  • Enterprise Grid membership
    • If necessary and as permitted by legislation, org owners can ask for access to a self-service solution that enables them to export information from all channels and chats in their Enterprise Grid org. Content from DMs, private channels, and public channels can all be exported in this way.
  • As required and allowed by law, organisation owners can also ask to export data for a single user in their organisation, which includes all messages and files sent by that user in any conversations they have participated in.

How to Download Slack Conversation through Standard Export?

Content from every workspace’s public channels can be exported using the Standard Export if you are the workspace owner or administrator.

  • Select “Administration” from the menu after clicking the workspace name in the top left corner of the screen. Then, choose “Workspace settings.”
  • Select “Export” from the “Import/Export Data” menu.
  • Select “Start Export,” then watch for Slack to email the associated account after it has finished.
  • To download a zip file containing all of the content from the channel, click the “Ready for download” link in the email you receive.

How to Download conversation through Corporate Export?

Workspace owners who have the Plus subscription can use Corporate Export to export content from both public and private channels as well as direct communications.

  • From the menu that appears, click “Administration” and then “Workspace settings” after clicking the workspace name in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Select the tab labeled “Import/Export Data.”
  • Select your chosen frequency and click “Schedule Exports.” Then sit back and wait for Slack to email you the exported data, replete with private discussions and direct messages.


Here is the complete step-by-step process to download Slack Conversations in the easiest way possible. Enterprise Grid users can export all Slack messages from direct messages and files (available through direct download links) in public channels, private channels, and direct messages using the Slack Discovery API. It is also possible to export deleted files from Slack using the Discovery API. Slack administrators use native Slack data import/export features as a backup alternative. The Slack data import/export tool partially reduces the dangers of data loss, nevertheless. The alternatives to export your Slack data are covered in this post along with their drawbacks as backup options. 

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